Here's Why You Should Make Dealing With Your ED a New Year's Resolution

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects roughly one-third of men. If you’re dealing with sexual vitality issues, you’re not alone. You’re not stuck in your current situation, either. 

Dr. Wade McKenna has developed a groundbreaking way to treat ED. It’s called ED’s Shot™, and it’s available at The Cell Spa office in Trophy Club, Texas. 

With this minimally invasive treatment, you can skip the inconsistent results that come with radiofrequency treatment and avoid the side effects of oral medications. Resolve to deal with ED with ED’s Shot this year so you can get your sexual vitality back. 

How ED’s Shot works

Dr. McKenna developed a suspension allograft, an injectable solution that delivers growth factors wherever it’s injected. These growth factors kickstart your penile tissue’s vascular processes and help to reactivate your nerve endings. This means you get increased sensitivity for easier arousal while the treatment also stimulates rejuvenation throughout your penis. 

The treatment itself takes just 15 minutes, and Dr. McKenna has designed the process so that it’s relatively painless for you. There’s no downtime after treatment, either. You can head back to work or your next engagement right after your appointment. 

Within a couple of weeks or less, you’ll see results from ED’s Shot, enjoying greater penile health and fewer ED problems. 

Enjoying your best 2021 with ED treatment

Many men put off dealing with ED. That’s largely because they think the treatments might be complicated or ineffective. And they’re often right. Oral medications don’t always work and can come with unwelcome side effects, ranging from digestive problems to body aches. 

Similarly, radiofrequency treatment doesn’t deliver consistent results. Only about 80% of men saw improvement after radiofrequency ED treatment. 

But procrastinating on dealing with your ED can have far-reaching effects, impacting not just your sex life but also your overall self-confidence. 

With ED’s Shot, you get a way to change the game. Dr. McKenna specifically formulated this treatment to deliver results with a quick, convenient, no-downtime treatment. You don’t have to worry about any side effects, either. 

And on top of all this, ED’s Shot continues to be effective long after your treatment at The Cell Spa. In fact, the growth factors continue working for up to 20 weeks, and many patients enjoy results for years. 

ED doesn’t have to play a role in your life in 2021 and beyond. Make it a new year’s resolution to deal with it. Then call us at The Cell Spa or make your appointment online today so you can check that resolution off your list.

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