The Impact of Childbirth on Vaginal Health

Childbirth is a miracle. But that doesn’t mean it happens effortlessly. For the mother, the birthing process is strenuous and taxing. Specifically, giving birth can take a significant toll on your vagina, especially if you give birth vaginally. 

Dr. Wade McKenna and our team at The Cell Spa built this guide to help you know what to expect after vaginal childbirth. 

If any of the changes alarm you, don’t worry. At our offices in Trophy Club and Dallas, Texas, Dr. McKenna offers V•nu™ vaginal tightening. This non-surgical treatment can help to undo many of the vaginal changes from childbirth, helping you feel like yourself again.

Now, let’s look at the impact childbirth can have on your vaginal health. Here are the changes to expect. 

#1. Increased laxity

Vaginally delivering a baby means widening your vagina to the point that your child can fit through. Fortunately, the vagina is designed for this, and in many cases, that widening naturally reverses over time.

That said, that reversal does take time and may need additional support, especially if your perineum tore or you had an episiotomy. Pelvic floor exercises and V•nu treatment can help to undo any increased laxity you notice after childbirth. 

#2. Decreased lubrication

After giving birth, your body decreases levels of specific hormones, including estrogen. As you breastfeed, it keeps estrogen levels low since estrogen can inhibit milk production.

The problem? Estrogen is the hormone that helps with vaginal lubrication. So if you deal with vaginal dryness after childbirth, know that you’re not alone. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until you’re done breastfeeding to address this dryness. With V•nu treatment, Dr. McKenna gives your vagina a way to restore lubrication levels. 

#3. Decreased bladder control

Childbirth can damage your pelvic tissue, leading to incontinence. In fact, there’s a direct link between childbirth and incontinence. 

If you’ve noticed urinary leakage after childbirth, again, know that it’s normal. And, again, know that you can turn to V•nu treatment to help. This treatment is designed to improve your bladder control. 

#4. Pain during sex

Partially as a result of vaginal dryness, partially because of the time it takes your vagina to heal after childbirth, and partially due to the decreased libido many women experience after giving birth, sex is often uncomfortable after having a child.

First, it’s important to take your time here. Allow your vagina to heal. When you do decide you’re ready for intercourse, make sure you take it slowly. 

V•nu treatment can help restore your vaginal health more quickly, helping you enjoy pain-free sex and an improved quality of life sooner. 

Clearly, childbirth takes a toll on your vaginal health. Fortunately, you don’t have to simply wait and hope for those changes to reverse themselves. Call The Cell Spa or make your appointment online today to explore what V•nu treatment can do for you. 

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