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Aging takes its toll everywhere on your body. But its most damaging impacts all too often happen in the areas very few people see. If you’ve been dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED), there is good news. Thanks to the newest treatment available today, Wade McKenna, DO, and his team at The Cell Spa™ can help reverse ED so you can enjoy sex again — worry-free. For more information about ED’s Shot™, the highly effective erectile dysfunction treatment available at their Southlake, Texas, office, call The Cell Spa or schedule your appointment online.

Erectile Dysfunction Q & A

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Every cell in your body is exposed to damage. When you’re young, your cells are easily able to bounce back. As you age, however, it becomes harder for your body to heal the damage it encounters. As a result, a number of factors can minimize your penile function. In addition to simple aging, some of the most common factors that contribute to ED include:

  • Environmental toxins
  • Medication
  • Diet
  • Disease
  • Chronic injury

Are there effective treatments available for erectile dysfunction?

ED makes it challenging to get and maintain an erection. But you don’t have to be left with a lackluster sex life and waning confidence. There is good news. At The Cell Spa, Dr. McKenna offers a safe and highly effective ED treatment option.

While many men try oral medications — which are only about 70 percent effective and come with a range of side effects — or radio-frequency ablation — which offers inconsistent results, at best — The Cell Spa has an alternative. They offer ED’s Shot. This injectable allograft (tissue graft) can treat ED resulting from virtually any root cause. Plus, the procedure itself takes just 15 minutes.

What are the benefits of ED’s Shot?

Using The Cell Spa’s proprietary suspension allograft, ED’s Shot delivers a high concentration of younger growth factors to your penile tissue, revascularizing and rejuvenating it. At the same time, it reactivates your nerve endings, making it significantly easier for you to become aroused. The allograft will continue secreting these younger growth hormones into your penile tissue for up to 20 weeks and can deliver visible results for years. Generally, you’ll start to see results in five to 15 days.*

ED’s shot is a relatively painless injection that takes just 15 minutes or fewer to deliver. It comes with minimal side effects, and you can continue on with your daily life immediately after. No downtime. No unnecessary risks or weird side effects. Just penile rejuvenation that helps you feel your best.

Don’t let erectile dysfunction leave you feeling unconfident, distanced from your partner, or less than yourself. Dr. McKenna offers this innovative treatment to revitalize your penis — and your life.

To learn more or to schedule your appointment to get ED’s shot, call The Cell Spa or book it online.

* Individual results may vary.