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If you’re seeking an alternative treatment to help you look and feel better, and lower your risk of infections and disease complications, Wade McKenna, DO, and the experienced providers at The Cell™ Spa in Trophy Club, Texas, can help. They offer revolutionary ozone therapy to give your immune system a boost, accelerate healing, and improve overall health and wellness. Call The Cell Spa to learn more about ozone treatment or book an appointment online today.

Ozone Therapy

What is ozone therapy?

During ozone therapy, a specialist at The Cell Spa administers ozone gas intravenously after it is combined with your blood. Ozone is a gas made up of oxygen that offers the following health benefits:

  • Stimulates your immune system
  • Stops harmful bacteria or virus growth
  • Helps you heal from or prevent infections
  • May improve cystic fibrosis, HIV, or cancer
  • Could reduce diabetes or arthritis complications
  • Combats skin problems and wounds
  • Enhances weight loss
  • Improves energy and brain function
  • Produces anti-aging results
  • Reduces chronic pain and inflammation

Ozone therapy may also improve symptoms related to breathing disorders, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

What happens during ozone therapy?

A specialists at The Cell Spa will discuss your health history and determine the best treatment plan for you. After a treatment plan has been determined, the specialist begins by starting an IV on the patient and withdrawing blood. This blood is infused into a bag of saline that is heparinized (so that the blood will not clot). Next, an equal part of ozone is withdrawn and infused into the blood and gently mixed. The mixture is then passed through a UV light and returned to the patient via the IV.

Only 5-7% of blood volume needs to be treated with UV to produce the optimum benefit.

Is ozone therapy safe?

Ozone therapy is safe and effective when administered properly. The trusted providers at The Cell Spa are board-certified physicians and registered nurses who maintain their advanced credentials through continuing education and regular training.

Is ozone therapy right for me?

After reviewing your symptoms and medical history, and completing a physical exam when necessary, a wellness specialist at The Cell Spa lets you know if ozone therapy or another wellness treatment best matches your needs. They discuss the form of ozone administration that’s right for you.

To learn more about ozone therapy and other holistic wellness treatments, call The Cell Spa’s Trophy Club location or use the online booking tool today.